The book

Digital Government Excellence provides delivers a fascinating insight into digital leadership as governments around the world start or restart the digital transformation of their work and service delivery.

It is a playbook on how to achieve digital excellence via interviews with 20 remarkable digital government leaders from around the world (both past and present ones). Each one offers insights on strategies for how to incorporate the best of digital into public services and practical tips on how to lead digital reforms and delivery teams.

In particular, the book:

  • Explores how to begin the task of making all of government to “go digital” or go deeper and bolder in this direction, including the first steps and beyond;
  • Highlights leadership styles and practices for effective and lasting delivery of digital strategies and reforms;
  • Provides food for thought about what does it take to be an impactful digital transformation leader – in government and beyond.

The book is ideal for Chief Digital/Information/Technology Officers or digital agency leaders in public service. Digital Government Excellence is also a valuable resource for any practitioner, policymaker or political leader in governments at any level, as well as any student or advisor of governments looking into how to deliver digital transformation in the public sector.

However, the book can be useful beyond the public sector sphere. The lessons learned and practices shown are often not government-specific at all; they are universally applicable to any digital change team or leadership role.

320 pages; English language

Publisher: Wiley (part of Wiley CIO series)

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